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About Us
Peamit Co. is a leading supplier of disposable & packing products.
It was established on 1982, and it specializes in importing, marketing & distribution of a wide range of products in 2 business areas: the Institutional market & the retail markets.

The Institutional Market
Peamit Co. markets to the industry, hotels, ministers' offices, Ministry of Defense, hospitals, cafeterias & restaurants all around Israel.

The Retail Market
Peamit Co. has a sister company "Peamit Store" which is a chain store that specializes in an enormous range of disposable & party products for the private consumer, from the basic to the premium products, which combine attractive designs with a great functionality, to offer ambience enhancement for any event & celebration.

What do we offer?
Peamit Co. markets an enormous variety of products, in order to supply a complete solution to the clients needs, in the area of economic equipment.
The company has the leading innovative & professional solutions from the best manufacturers in Israel & all around the globe.

A great emphasis is put on keeping high standards & a constant quality control. Both are, an integral part of the company character. Peamit Co. enjoys ISO 9002 authorization.

An efficient service to its clients is the most valuable feature of Peamit Co.


To keep standing on the front line of technologies innovations & bring to its clients the latest inventions in the business.

The Staff
The professional staff of Peamit Co. shall always be happy to serve you in order to find a professional solution for your needs.


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